May 2018 - Travel Tips

Holy Cow, it’s May already! That means busy summer travel is about to begin.  Whether you are taking a weekend road trip or flying across the country or world, Travel Planning is crucial for working on projects away from home as well as for leisure trips.  Noelle Carroll, Owner of Simply Organized Inc, a Des Moines based Organizing Company and member of Iowa Professional Organizers, shares the following travel tips with us for your May blog viewing enjoyment.  Happy Travels, Friends!

You will need to have the following in place:

1.    A checklist of what the trip will involve (individual or family).

2.    An Itinerary of what is going to happen on each day (knowing you will need to be flexible.) Also checking the temperature of the location attending.

3.    Depending on location, how you pack for the trip will need to be determined. Will you travel by car, train or airplane?

4.    You will want to pack lightly and in layers.  You want to pack a carry-on suitcase as well as a backpack so you can travel easier to your location.

5.    When packing toiletries, you will want to use three ounces or less so that smaller space is used in the suitcase. This is also if you are flying, that is the allowable amount on the plane in a carry-on piece of luggage. There are plenty of stores around to purchase additional items if necessary. Don’t forget any medications that you may need while traveling.

6.    You can use Zip-lock bags to keep things from getting wrinkled or dirty.  Also, the bags keep everything clean if something spills inside of the bag.  The bags also work well for swim suits if they are wet and you are ready to head home. You can also purchase bags from different vendors such as e-bags. Bags also keep clothes separated and clean. Keep shoes in separate bags to keep them from getting scuffed. There are also toiletry bags that hang in your vacation or work hotel location that will make it easier for you to work out of during your stay.

7.    In the backpacks can be small games, cards, word puzzles etc. along with snacks in order to make less stops on the way to your destination.

8.    Once you have landed in your destination, get unpacked and locate all of the important areas such as dining, restrooms, front desk, pool, and anything that is important to your trip.

9.    Now go have fun if it a leisure trip.  If it is a work trip, try to include some fun time and try some new menu items or a new place to site see if you can make it work into the schedule.

10. Once you get home, get everything unpacked and washed up and get ready for the new week after being gone.


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May 2018 Feature! Noelle Carroll

There is no job too big, nor location too far for this Organizing Company. Noelle Carroll is the transitions expert! Her Company, Simply Organized, Inc is based out of Des Moines, IA but services customers nationwide. That’s a pretty BIG deal.  Noelle is a Professional Organizer who will work with you to bring a piece of mind to your home or work environment. She offers hands-on or consulting assistance to suit your needs.

Noelle has over 20+ years of professional organizational experience dealing with clients and delivering the highest standard of service and customer satisfaction. Areas of expertise include: coordinating, managing, organizing, and directing. She is self-motivated with a Midwest work ethic that has versatile abilities and skills. Noelle is a team player with proven leadership strength.

Noelle has a Masters in Business Leadership and BS in Marketing/ Management/Human Resource Management from Upper Iowa University and an AA in Business Administration/ Office Management from AIB in Des Moines, IA.

Noelle has been married to Steve for 20 years and they have two beautiful daughters, Sydney and Vyctoria.  Family is very important to Noelle, as she travels for both work and leisure.  The family attends and participates in many games and activities that are out of the local area. 

Noelle also helps clients across the United States with downsizing, packing, moving and unpacking projects as well as estate sales. Noelle has worked with many senior living providers to help with the process of transition for their clients. Let Noelle ease your next transition, and look for her blog on the 15th that will be packed with useful tips for summer travel!

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February 2018 Feature! Maggie Jackson


Welcome to February! Wow, that was quick.  This month it is my pleasure to introduce my friend and fellow founding member of IPO, Certified Professional Organizer, Maggie Jackson. 

Maggie Jackson is a Certified Professional Organizer® and President of The Organized Life™.  She brings to her company 28 years of experience in organizing through a unique combination of work in higher education administration, not-for-profit management, customer service, marketing, communications and business development.

Maggie is a fiercely loyal wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.   She prefers quiet over noise, sunrise over sunset, moving rather than sitting and giving rather than receiving.

Maggie married her best friend in 1993 and it has been an adventure ever since.  Their son headed off to college in 2016 (both her and her husband’s Alma Mater, The University of Notre Dame – Go Irish!) after multiple family moves during 2015 and 2016.  All these changes have allowed her to enter a new season where she can slow down and become more mindful and present.

Organizing always has been a part of Maggie’s life.  She loves making sense of things, putting things where they belong and finding peace – for herself and others.  As a middle child of all girls growing up, she developed that skill early on.  And, she reports that she has ridiculously accurate spatial ability. 

The Organized Life is about helping the whole client – at whatever point he or she might be in their journey.  Maggie loves the fact that every day is different, every client is different and that she is able to provide not only resources, but relief to other people.  

She is trending toward more minimalistic tendencies in her own life and she is finding that her clients are both curious and interested in learning more, so she is sharing what she is learning during her own journey.  Maggie primarily works with residential clients and small business owners, mostly women, who are doing what she is doing – managing a business and a household.

Maggie is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Loyola University of Chicago School of Law.  She is member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Iowa Professional Organizers (IPO), and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).   In August 2010, Maggie received the prestigious Golden Circle designation from NAPO, which recognizes members who have attained an elevated level of experience and have been engaged in the business of organizing for at least five years.

Her commitment to continuing education is demonstrated by her successfully receiving the designation of Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) after passing the national examination in January 2008.