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Organization isn't about perfection;

It's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.

Christina Scalise

  • IPO since 2006
    In order to promote the benefits of the Organizing Industry to individuals, families and businesses in the state of Iowa, IPO (Iowa Professional Organizers) was formed in 2006. The Professional Organizers of IPO bring with them a wide variety of knowledge, resources, and skills, stemming from our varying backgrounds and areas of education.

    IPO members have worked in fields such as; business, marketing, teaching, psychology, and law. This wide range of unique skills and expertise provides Iowa residents with a valuable professional network. IPO draws from each of its members knowledge, assistance, and resources, extending to clients the best possible organizing experience.

    Click on each IPO members name to the right to learn more about their specific service offering.
  • Donna Schoeppner Picture Congratulations for seeking information on professional organizers in Iowa! You have taken the first step toward a less stressful, organized life.

    Looking for creative solutions designed for your specific organizational challenges? I can help develop those solutions and help you implement them by guiding and encouraging you through the non-judgmental and confidential process. I am very enthusiastic about organizing and the help that brings to others’ lives.

    Please visit my website to learn more about me and my services.

  • Jennifer Robb Picture I am Jennifer Robb, owner of Simple Organizing Strategies, LLC. With Professional Organizers in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding areas, we assist Clients and Businesses in leading more productive, less stressful lives by providing education and hands-on organizing services in both homes and office settings. SOS strives to be a full stop shop of all things organization.  SOS can manage large projects and supply services and necessary materials from outside vendors so all our clients have to do is relax and watch the transformation.

    Established in 2004, SOS remains committed to being a leader in the organizing industry through continued education and practice of organizing theories, processes, and products.

  • Joan Force PictureHi, I’m Joan Force and I’m a professional organizer. From basement to attic, kitchen to bedroom or garage to business office, I have the ability and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. I take the pain out of organizing by minimizing your involvement so you can go about your everyday activities.

    Take control of your life with the professional organization and assistance offered by Force and Associates. We offer a wide variety of assistance, training and organizational skills which can improve your environment, make life easier and provide more free time.

  • Linda Stoolman PictureA place for everything, everything in its place.

    Hi, I’m Linda Stoolman owner of Clear the Clutter. I live in West Branch and serve Iowa City and surrounding areas. I love what I do and I would like to help you create a healthy balanced lifestyle and instill a feeling of confidence and control.

  • Lori Vande Krol Picture Hi, my name is Lori Vande Krol and I am co-founder and owner of Life Made Simple, LLC.  As a trained organization and productivity consultant, I help individuals and businesses create and maintain order in all areas of life.  Using a unique 5 step process, I work with you to determine the best solutions to your specific challenges.

    Through education, training and experience, I have developed systems and tools that will save you time, energy and money -- all resulting in less stress.  My experience as a professional organizer, as well as 13 years in a Fortune 500 company, personal role as wife and mother and community roles with various organizations have provided me with a great understanding of how . . .

  • Maggie Jackson PictureAs a Certified Professional Organizer®, Maggie Jackson provides both organizing services and productivity coaching to her clients, whether it is in their home or in their office, with the goal to create calm, efficient living and work environments. Since 2005, Maggie has been working side-by-side with her clients to simplify their lives so they can live the organized life – one that is less complicated, more enjoyable and filled with activities that are most important.

    Maggie firmly believes that an organized life is a great life to live. Her goal is to address the organizing issues at hand and provide solid, lasting relief to the challenges her clients face in either their homes or their businesses.

  • Mona Brantley PictureMona Brantley is a dedicated Professional Organizer and owner of Organize That, a Quad-Cities based business.
    Through her years as a college instructor, her own numerous corporate relocations, and her ability to home-stage and sell homes quickly, Mona has gained the firsthand knowledge needed to design individual plans for her clients. She can quickly assess the priorities and needs of her clients and “teach” them how to gain control of their “stuff” and maintain the organization. A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Iowa Professional Organizers, and National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, Mona believes organization should be a priority not a luxury.

  • Noelle Carroll PictureHi, I am Noelle Carroll and I started Simply Organized, Inc. in 2000.  I have had many years of professional organizational experience dealing with clients and delivering the highest standard of service and customer satisfaction.  I am self-motivated with a Midwest work ethic and also a team player with proven leadership skills.

    Please visit my website at www.gosimplyorganized.com for more information and support.

  • Tracy K. Pierce PictureSynergy Organizing's mission is to propel our clients towards the realization of their ideal lives by reclaiming space for what matters most. Transforming space involves personal interaction with each client. No one system "fits all". Together we will focus on your needs to develop an organizational setup that brings order to your space and more productivity to your endeavors. Our goal will be to create more time for you to enjoy living by improving your environment and developing effective tools and procedures to help maintain that order.

    We are based in the Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty area and regularly service all of Johnson County and Eastern Iowa.

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